Rules | Olando Kepurė
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  1. Upon arrival to the camping site, visitors should contact the administrator in the reception, fill in the visitor’s card and pay a fee according to camping price list.
  2. Visitors are welcome to arrive or leave from 8.00 to 23.00.
  3. Visitors staying at the campsite must observe silence requirements from 23:00 to 8.00.
  4. The checkout time is 12.00. By that time all visitors should leave the camping or pay for the next day.
  5. Parents and other persons supervising the children are responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour.
  6. Fires can be put up in the camping area only in specially equipped places.
  7. Vehicle speed in the campsite is limited to 10 km/h.
  8. Vehicles are parked in the camping area only in the locations indicated by the camping employee.
  9. Using car alarm signals, making noise and loud music in the camping area is prohibited.
  10. Pets must be tethered.
  11. Visitors coming to the camping for the day without overnight are charged a fixed fee per day.
  12. Visitors must compensate for any damage to inventory.
  13. The camping administration is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings left in the cars, tents, hotel, cafe or on the beach.
  14. Persons who violate these rules will be asked to immediately leave the camping area.
  15. Camping security will take care of your protection.